Monday, September 22, 2008

Hope Is Never False

Four years ago, post-presidential election, was a very disturbing time for me. It seemed that it was impossible for Bush to remain President for another four years and I remember when Kerry lost feeling very distraught, grossly disappointed, confused and pessimistic about the future. What choice was there but to just kind of check out and move on? I felt terrible for the people who gave their time to get Kerry elected. If I felt bad, how must they feel? How depressing I thought, and I wished I had done more but, oh well. They'll always win, I secretly believed.
Then along came Barack Obama.
I love Barack. Love his power and grace. His calm and his fury. His ability to relate to everyone. His heart. His smarts. His willingness to dream. So I wanted to get involved. Wanted to. But how?
Last week, the kids and I drove to Culver City and I attended an Mama Camp Obama. I met leaders in the Democratic party, field officers who got Obama through the primary, people just like me who have dedicated their time and energy to change OUR world.
I remember one of the speakers mentioned that there were 45 more days till the election and whoosh! A fire was lit under me and I knew now, now, now was the time. It is not too late. Now is the time to act. To get involved.
Now is when you can get in people's head and make your little voice stay there till election day.
This last month could easily decide the election.

No one wants more of the same. We as a country cannot take it and therefore we cannot allow it.
We must act.
A bumper sticker is not enough.
Forwarding an email is not enough (although I hope you forward this one).
Every vote counts. Every person you talk to.
The next forty two days determine our future.
An hour a week at a phone bank.
Better yet: have one at your house with five of your friends.
Be positive. We want to unite this country.
Be a good example to others.
Talk about Obama with enthusiasm and pride.
Don't get suckered into petty arguments about McCain and Palin.

Do this instead:
Visit: and join a group or search for events in your area.

Contact your local Obama office right now and volunteer. Check out:

Don't live in fear of the worst case scenario.
Do something.
Take control.
Let's push Barack up over the top.

I decided to have a Mama Camp Obama right here in the Valley next week so more moms could come and get trained in this grass roots effort.
Here's the link to my event.
(Men are welcome too.)

Please attend and pass on the information about it. In fact pass on all this information. Seeing these people at the training camp made me realize that, as usual, they are just like us. They have kids. They're busy and tired and overwhelmed. But this is our country and our future at stake and nothing less. Every vote counts. They are people just like you who could have thought to themselves, I can't make a difference.

But they are and so can you!

Watch these Women for Obama videos here (very inspiring!):
Women from all walks of life, coming together for Barack Obama:

Here's the blog about the event I attended:

It is NOT too late to get involved. In fact right now is the PERFECT time. Only 42 more days and you won't have to do it anymore. Imagine how you will feel when there is a ground swell of support for Obama and you know YOU made that happen. Now imagine how you'll feel when Obama wins!

Here's the address for the SFV Valley Obama office:
San Fernando Valley Office
14529 Archwood Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405
Phone: 818-995-DEMS
Hours: 10AM - 6PM

Here is a website to make sure you are registered or if you need to request an absentee ballot:

Here is a website to use when making calls or just talking to people. Acquainte yourself with the issues! Stay positive and know your facts!
or print out the great one sheet below and attached to this email.

And just for fun, here's a site I love for printing out Obama stuff or posting art to your blog or getting cool wallpaper.

Here's the blog about the event I attended:

Thank you for reading! We can and will do this! Please feel free to email me with questions!

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