Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin vs. Malcolm X

This is my response to an article on Salon about the republican party lecturing us about sexism, the future of feminism, and of course, Sally Palin. Here's the link to the article and below, my letter.

What's really sad is that it's a woman we feel we can't root for. I always envisioned our first female president to be maternal, wise, witty, deeply instinctual and intelligent, peaceful, strong...not snarky, snot-nosed, insecure, inexperienced...
I want a woman I can root for.
That being said, and if you are still reading, I feel we must as women support all women. Before you think I'm putting flowers in my hair, read on.
It's like this: to be truly free is to be whoever you want to be. Blacks, women, gays...any person who feels un-heard, un-seen, mocked and ignored within the system. That person must be free to reinvent themselves, to be totally and uniquely themselves WITHIN the group. Even if they become someone that brings the group down. That shoves its face in the dirt.
Even if it is someone who brings shame. Even if it is someone who pretends to be something they are not. Even if it is someone who REJECTS THE GROUP.
To be shackled to the need to do what your group would want you to do is not freedom. It's not fairness. It's not liberty.
The right to be different, to be an individual, to write your own story, to make a mistake: they are all human rights. To not fit in. To not fit the bill. To fail.
Every woman has that right.
Every man.
Being a woman on the presidential ticket does not mean you have to be a feminist. Does not mean you have to support women's issues. You don't even have to have a clue.
Irony is that's the promise of the feminist revolution for every person: Self-empowerment. Self-expression. Self-realization. Self-reliance.
Now it's biting us in the ass.
No, we don't want to take her out for cocktails.
No, the suffragists wouldn't have invited her to lunch.
Yes, she makes me cringe. But that's beside the point.
When there is so much on the line, when the game gets this big, it's always this way.
Look at MLK. He had his Malcolm X.
Naomi Wolf has Camille Paglia.
George Bush had his John McCain. And look what they made McCain do.
Castrated him. Let's not do that to Palin.
Let her have her day. Take all the rope she needs.
Listen, someone is always there to tell ya you're doin' it wrong. But SP just be doing it her way.
(Cue Frank.) Her way.
Her fucked up, stinking way.
But that's her right.
And I applaud it.

Now let's get back to solving the real issues like real women do, shall we?



Anonymous said...

you are wonderful my dear friend - jh

Anonymous said...

you got all the smarts, woman. you say it so well and you make it so clear.
thanks from one who rarely can see past the madness.

Tracy said...

If she were on our side and pro-choice? I'd have been EXCITED AS HELL!!! What incredible dynamism she has, and she has accomplished some pretty stellar things.

I feel the same way you do... she's on her journey, let her travel it without haters... but I will do everything in my power to make sure that a woman's right to choose will always be available.