Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

That's it! I'm not cooking him anymore dinners!
Now, I don't want this blog to turn into a bitch-fest (unless I start letting my friends guest-blog) but I have to get it out people!
DH says on Thurs night, after dinner (he came to visit the kids, got here earlier than I thought he would and so ate dinner with us), while I'm cleaning the kitchen, that he has cancelled our credit cards and closed our line of equity. Damn. Should have taken more money out of that thing.
You see a week ago I started to panic as our accounts were getting more-than-the-usual dangerously low. So low I had not enough to pay the sitter that day. So I went to the bank and took a measly $1,000 out of our line of equity and put it in a new personal checking account all my own. DH did get wind of this and got upset but I didn't take nearly as much as I was instructed by my girlfriends. Always listen to your girlfriends!!!
So dh closed the line of equity. He cancelled the cards. Said he wanted me to know "up front."
Well, not THAT up front because I found that out when trying to pay our HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUM and my CHIROPRACTIC BILL. Silly expenses. Silly woman.
I was at the chiro office when the card was "declined." Such a nice term. No, we won't honor this card at present. We decline.
The office manager started laughing after I had her run it twice. "I guess your husband is cutting up your cards." And the whole office cracked up. And that's when it hit me.
As I'm half-assed laughing with them.
Everything in slow motion.
He is. He is cutting up my cards. Holy shit.
Let the games begin.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how it all comes down to that....... if nothing else he will control you through the finances. I think about if one of us pulled the plug on our arrangement, would he do that to me? I was independent before child, but now what? I appreciate that you are doing this for not only yourself but your children and for sharing it with all of us. It is helping me and I hope it is helping you as well.